How to access 15% off referral codes


    We use Refersion to track ambassador conversions and payouts (login to refersion here). Use the same email and password when logging in. There are two ways to generate commissions, referral link and triggers.

    There are TWO ways to earn a conversion on a sale: Referral links and Referral codes. Both methods work equally -- we recommend using the method that works best for you.

    Share your 15% off referral codes (Instagram, YT, TikTok)

    Share your 15% Coupon Code with friends and family. This code gives them 15% off their entire order as well crediting you with a 10% commission of their order.

    Retrieve your referral code by logging into Refersion here.

    We recommend sharing your codes in your bio and in the caption of each post wearing our products.

    Place referral code in Instagram Bio


    This placement is optimal because:

    • Kayla's referral code is directly above website link
    • Eomik is entered in the "Website" section of your profile (this makes the link clickable)

    Share referral code on Instagram Posts

    Our highest performing ambassadors post/story at least once a month. They also show their referral codes on relevant posts. This post does well because:

    • Kayla is wearing EOMIK in the picture
    • Regular caption is present
    • Coupon code is subtly shown at the bottom, not forced

    How to set up referral links (Blogs, Email, CPC ads)

    Whenever someone clicks on your referral link and purchases, you will earn a 10% commission on their order. Tip: Click on "Shorten link (Bitly)" to make your link shorter for an overall better appearance. We recommend referral links for blogs, website owners, and email marketers.

    Retrieve your referral link by logging into Refersion here.